Mounty & Stage Burns Hints On The Release Date Of “Humans Rights” Album, Early July

Mounty & Stage Burns - Human Rights
Mounty & Stage Burns – Human Rights (Artwork)

Direct from source, the PR at Mounty Stage Burns has tipped a few close media contacts that are officially linked to the band’s inner circle affairs that their debut album dubbed “Human Rights” will be out in the first week of July.

Though it is officially headquartered in Belgium, the Mounty and Stage Burns band is a multinational band of six excellently talented men. The band’s membership core is made of Mounty Imamoul (Senegal, but based in Belgium), Doctor Ronny (Belgium ), Kitson Strings (Malawi, but lives in Turkey), Bunn Riley (Holland), Squidly Cole (America) and Jimmy Mbaye (Senegal).

On the band’s concert roaster, Mounty Imamoul is the lead vocalist. Doctor Ronny is the keyboardist but he doubles as a producer. Squidly Cole is the drummer. Bunn Riley is the bassist. Kitson Strings and Jimi Mbaye are guitarists.

Promo plans to push the album worldwide is ongoing without relentlessness, creating a promising musical career road towards the band’s potential competition success in the world music market. This, thus, will possibly lead the band to international popularity.

The 18-tracked album consist of these selected songs:

1. Allahou Merci

2. Weet

3. My Faty

4. No Drogue

5. Human Rights

6. Politique Et Réligion

7. So Much Sufferation

8. Africans Up

9. Out Of Nowhere

10. Je Pleure

11. Debo Poullo

12. Mame Bamba

13 O Yehi

14. Mama Nature

15. Ma Axi

16. Tine

17. Dans La Place

18. Gorgorlou

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