London Stock Exchange The London Stock Exchange (LSE) has agreed to cooperate with Ghana to build partnerships, deepen and tighten harmonization, as well as, help develop some of the capital markets infrastructure that can sustain and deepen the financial markets in Ghana.  The cooperation agreement was reached when a GhanaianContinue Reading

Baby Editor The growth of Ghana’s budding entertainment industry continues to gather pace with another major development. Baby Editor Productions, a wholly owned Ghanaian production company., speaking with the CEO of Baby Editor Productions, Miss Anita Asare aka Baby Editor, who has over a decade been working with DanfoContinue Reading

Ghana Passport The Akufo-Addo administration has extended to 10 years the validity of the Ghana passport.The new directive will take effect from March 31, 2019. This was made known in a memo dated February 6, 2019, to Ghana’s embassies and consulates across the world by the Deputy Minister for ForeignContinue Reading