Don’t Wait For The Unheard To Go Nude Before You Talk About Us – Tyra Meek Tells The Media

Tyra Meek
Fast rising Afrobeat music performer Millicent Laweh popularly known as Tyra Meek has made a call to the media to support the upcoming with positive energy and use their domain to promote the work of the unheard and shouldn’t wait for them to go nude or make liable utterances before putting them in the news.

The young songstress had made these utterances to after we have embarked on a program dubbed “The Voice Of The Unheard”.

Speaking to the crew, Tyra Meek has said that, most of the media people do not like playing the unheard acts music on their platforms especially when no A-List artist is featured.

According to her, the unheard acts have better songs with good story line, lyrical content, style, flow and consistency  than some A-LIST acts but since they have been tagged “Unheard”, they are always not given the neccersary attention and their works are shunned at most times by the media.

“We have good songs and make songs which are of good lyrical content, style and of good story line but the media do not want to hear us because we’ve been tagged as unheard. The media wont give you the attention if your song do not feature any A-list artiste of our time and thats is very bad.” she said.

As maintained by the “Demon” singer, the trend of which the unheard has to go nude, make unnecessary statements online to grab attention to be in the news is indeed not helping because after going nude today to be in the news, she cant forever go nude to be relevant.

“I might be in the news today because I go naked on social media. Yes people will talk about me, I will be among the trending stories within the week but how am I going to retain this relevancies, should I be going naked everyday to be consistent in the game? No I cant, but if my songs and work get me there, I hope I will be encouraged to do more. I want to say that, the media should help push our work and do not expect us to go the bad way before they start talking about us. They should feed Ghanaians and music lovers with varieties not always the same names and voices we’ve been hearing in the waves.” She added.

Tyra Meek is a young uprising Afrobeat music performer from the eastern region, Somanya to be precised and has to her credit songs like “Demon, Suicide Love, Odo among others to her credit.

Source: Eagleeyemediagh


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