Fan Subjects Phrimpong’s EP, “The Salary” to a Review

Kliffson McBawaw & Phrimpong
Kliffson McBawaw & Phrimpong

Almost 7 months after offloading one of Ghana’s most appreciated studio tapes, Phrimpong’s EP, “The Salary” has made a mark in the hearts and minds of many music audiences.


With positive feedback from many industry players on content, theme and sound, “The Salary” EP is one that cuts across all walks of life and serves as a company through journeys.

Among the appreciating audiences is a fan who took to top social media platform, facebook to pour his heart out on the tape.

Kliffson McBawaw as seen on facebook patiently took his times through all seven tracklist on the EP, and had the following message to share. Read below:

“Personal Review of The Salary EP” (My Opinion)

So I am Done listening to this EP. Wow. Interesting EP.

I would have done a SWOT analysis of the EP bt Charlie let’s forget all that. I’m a layman. What do i even know about music? The experts here can talk about that. So lemme just skip to “Content”. That’s the Real Value of the Sound.

Let’s Begin…
1. Live Now, Love Now

Love and everything it compases [forgiveness, Kisses, Flowers, rings, clothes (suits), bills, medicine(drugs), “good sex” ] are for the living. Thus, they should be given “now” as we live to people; not wait till they die before we show them (that is sing praises and tributes) cause we “Live Now” so let’s “Love Now”. (Grt Message)

2. Sika Ne Dinpa

The line is drawn between the power of “Money & Fame” on this track. The contrast between the two. What people will do for money and fame. The consequences or price of money & fame also well captured. The advise; “contentment” well spoken of. And finally the reminder that Reputation (i.e diamond) will sell more than money (gold). So the taught provoking questions “What you go die for?…Is it the money or Is it the fame?…Sika na 3y3 anaa Dinpa na 3y3?”

3. Interlude

I remember this very interview of Trigmatic with Andy Dosty on the Daybreak Hitz Show on Hitzfm. There, Trigmatic showered praises on Phrimpong for his “Good Sound” when asked on what he looks out for in featuring an artist. He also touched on Phrimpong’s “humility and patience” that led to the birth of “Odehyie” (The Message of the Sound)

4. Odehyie

“Obiara k) n’akyi a )y3 dehyie paaa na 3y3 akwantuo ntia” pretty sure you have heard that somewhere. It re-echoes the known adage that “Baabi dehyie k) dan baabi Akoa”. These words are true of the families and good things we leave behind to go pursue the “better life” all in the name of “the hustle”. The suffering, the ill treatments and distress one has to go through to survive on someones land. But remember that woy3 “Odehyie”.

5. Dear Crush

The feeling when you dey feel someone paaaa wey you want talk the person but you just can’t seem to master the courage (or gather the vhim) to tell the person. You take a pen and paper and write a letter to that person and start with… “Dear Crush”. Pretty sure that was what Phrimpong went through to put down this song.

If you are going through the same, please just write out all the lyrics in Dear Crush and send it to that Crush. Thank Phrimpong & Kyei Nwom later.

6. Check

My personal favourite now on the EP. Maybe cos of the rap and the fact that it recruits heavy weight rappers like Obibini and LJ on it. (You know what i mean).

The message: Put in the work; Know your level before you compare yourself with someone. (Loud and clear)

7. Note To Family

The respect to the “hustle of the Oseikrom acts”. Their hardwork, the dream of winning together and putting Ghana Music on the Map. Big Wins.

Conclusion : No disrespect; No offense but this EP get content pass some big acts bi dema albums self. Let’s Support good music & good content. Thank you.??

Kwame Agyei (Cue)

Blogger, Digital Marketer & Med. Practitioner. Proud African reader, lover of nature and poetry. Blogging chose me unaware and I inked the contract with love.

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