Ghanaian Musician “Reytoon” Collaborates With Top SA Hiphop Artistes

Reytoon is the world’s first rising musician to collaborate with a foreign artist irrespective of the financial difficulties.
Not only did he just feature a foreign artist as an emerging musician, but he featured “TWO GREAT RAPPERS“. Surprisingly, these rappers aren’t from our neighboring country but all the way from South Africa.
RageUp Entertainment very own “Reytoon” team up with two HIPHOP geniuses from South Africa on a joint he titled “MADE IT
Reytoon – Made It
Rarely will you see or hear an upcoming artiste featuring artists from different country.
Reytoon’s new HIPHOP steeze titled MADE IT features “SA Bullet” & “Atjhu Da Payn” (South Africa Rappers).
Made It; talks about all the struggles he’s been through till now. In summary it talks about how people and friends sometimes criticise one’s vision. 
Using his life as an example, he expressed how his critics always wished bad for him but now praising him. Similar expression came from the other rappers.. But in their language (Swahili).

Made It will be released on 6th April, 2019


Kwame Agyei (Cue)

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