King Paluta’s Song Got Me a Wife, Fan Reveals

King Paluta

Many a time we have been privy to songs entertaining people, inspiring their situatuions, putting smiles on faces and helping them forgo their sorrows.

Little did we anticipate a King Paluta‘s song was connecting two hearts in holy matrimony.

FEATURED VIDEO has chanced on a tweet of confession from Isaac ‘Nana Style’ Yeboah, on the role a King Paluta song played in him finding a wife. In a tweet Nana revealed the song “Eboso” as a favourite and shared the schemes leading him to his soul mate:

See tweet below:

@y1025fm @djsliming @kooSebor #dryveonY MA favorite music for this year is Eboso @KingPalutaMusic this music helps me to get ma wife ooo, the moment l send it to her, she was like seriously and l said Yesss …so is MA favorite and l love it

— NanaStyle➕? (@NanaStyle4) October 30, 2018

Eboso is one of the most creative lyrics to have blessed “Pana” instrumental, originally performed by Tekno. Song was a part of the first King Paluta four-track EP; Kingsize Mixtape Volume One.

Listen below:

Kwame Agyei (Cue)

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