Ko-Jo Cue Brightens Ghana, The KFC Style

Rapper extraordinary Linford Kennedy Amankwaa popularly known as Ko-Jo Cue endorses the KFC brand.
Known for his lyrical prowess and showmanship, Ko-Jo Cue is one of the few associating and shining the Kumasi light in his dealings; from music to lifestyle.
Recent check on the rappers facebook timeline have seen him in a branded KFC photo shoot promoting their latest commodity #StreetWise2 and it’s no different on the streets of Ghana, Manhyia Roundabout and 37 in Kumasi and Accra respectively. 
The commodity celebrates the struggles and success stories of the streets and seeks to fuel their passion to achieve even more at a reduced rate of 15Ghana; 2 Pieces of Chicken, Fries and a free 500ml Coke.
Information is scarce on what Ko-Jo Cue is to the KFC brand


Kwame Agyei (Cue)

Blogger, Digital Marketer & Med. Practitioner. Proud African reader, lover of nature and poetry. Blogging chose me unaware and I inked the contract with love.

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