My Pursuance of Music As A Career is Divine – Adu Larry

My Pursuance of Music As A Career is Divine – Adu Larry

Ghanaian singer and songwriter Adu Larry has revealed his pursuance of music as a career is supernatural.
He disclosed this in a voice interview with a staff of when quizzed about how he started music.
Adu Larry made it known, despite him been gifted with the talent to sing and write good songs, the option to take music as a career was ordained to him in dream.
“The choice to pursue music was revealed to me twice in a dream; performing my songs to a cheering crowd in 2012 when I was in JHS and same later appeared to me in 2015 after I asked God to reveal his plan for me” He said.
He furthered, though it was amazing testing the waters in 2012 with a performance but forwent the idea of doing music until the dream reappeared to him marking the begining of his career in 2015.
Adu Larry is known for his songs “Bibi Pressure Me”, “Mabre” and “Ghana Make Peace”


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