NY DJ Opens up Abeiku Santana’s Influence on His Journalism

Ebenezer Donkoh (NY DJ)

One of the country’s top bloggers and radio personality, NY DJ has disclosed that a lot of individuals have influenced his blogging career; as well as reading from a lot of foreign websites. One personality he can talk of is radio and television personality Abeiku Santana, although not a blogger as impacted his blogging skills and direction. He added saying, “Having practised journalism over the years, his advice has been worth it.”

Talking of the best strategy’s which has gotten him this far in the industry, NY DJ doesn’t think it was strategic, but it was just about being factual and resourceful to many who needed his services, and maintaining that relevance is key to the entertainment industry, he must adapt to growing changes and still remain relevant to people in his circle and that is the only way to stay important.


He lamented on this by saying, “I’m always learning on new trends. Digital journalism has a brighter future and so it’s very important to be updated.”

Focusing on his failures and lessons learnt, NY made it known that he doesn’t really call the things that put him down as failures but challenges, he went to the extent of remembering once he got his hard disk crushed and losing his music library and it looked like he had to start all over again but in all that, the popular saying that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket came in handy. Since, he learned to keep content backup.

Talking of his achievements, Ebenezer Donkor as he is known in real life, talked about training others to take on either blogging or get into radio.

Quoting him verbatim, he said, “I feel extremely good when I see people I’ve trained or imparted succeed especially when they refer to me as being a motivation.”

Diving into the greatest of all his achievements, NY DJ could make mention of several achievements for his radio shows, public speaking activities and PR jobs but perhaps his greatest was being chosen to serve as a goodwill ambassador to the National Council on People with Disability with several prominent personalities.

Story By Cofy Dela

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