Ras Amankwatia Hints The Release of “Unchained Lion” EP

Ras Amankwatia
Ras Amankwatia

Soon on a not-too-far date from now Ras Amankwatia will add to his discography a six-track EP dubbed “Unchained Lion”.

Ras started writing for his EP project in London, but after he selected his six songs from the EP, he went back down home in Ghana during his four-week Late-January-Early-February media promo tour in Accra and Kumasi. He recorded the whole project with No Joke, a record producer based in Accra.

The EP’s tracklist is woven with“Life”, “Better Days”, “Great Man”, “Sons of Lucifer”, “Abuboro Nkosua”, and “Odo Nti”.


There are two guest appearances on the project: Cruked Route and WanRow. Cruked Route spat a cute rap verse on “Great Man” [some part of this reality piece talks about the world’s mean system’s enmity towards revolutionaries, game changers and pro-order great public figures that fight to fix system ills]. The center concept of the piece comes as a straight hot shot against dirty-hearted haters]. WanRow did a two-time dancehall singjay run on “Sons of Lucifer” which also talks about people who hate to see others doing well in life.

The actual release date of the EP in not fixed yet. Work on the EP is ongoing but is at 95% at this writing.

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