W3ndi is Not a Diss Song – Luvmorh


W3ndi is not a diss song – Luvmorh

Afropop sensation Luvmorh has clarified rumours circulating around her brand new banger “W3ndi” which has generated a lot of media attention due to its lyrics.

The Gaz Muzik songstress in an interview with Bigscout Nana Prempeh in a Facebook live session stressed that “W3ndi” is from a personal experience from the showbiz industry and is not a diss directed at any female artist or artiste manager as is being reported.


Asked how she came by the lyrics and the song title; Luvmorh responded that “W3ndi” is an akan/twi word which literally translate as “didn’t you eat/chop”?

She stressed that the fact that there are similarities in the pronunciation of the word and that of AfroPop musician Wendy Shay’s name is purely coincidental. She spoke about her respect for Wendy as an artist and as a big sister in the industry.

Luvmorh said just like rappers used words to rhyme in their music, “W3ndi” rhyming with “Wendy” is purely out of artistic creativity.

W3ndi since being released in the early part of this month has generated much airplay and as much controversy because of the similarities of the name of the song and that of Wendy Shay who was rumored to be having an affair with her manager Bullet which turned out to be false and a publicity stunt for their latest project.

Luvmorh is to drop yet another hit track before the Xmas season. Watch out

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