We Don’t Seek Help From Outsiders Like Other Groups Do – EEII Nation

We Don’t Seek Help From Outsiders Like Other Groups Do – EEII Nation

EEIINATION music group have disclosed that they are self dependent.

In an interview hosted by Cilla Banks on De Bankz show on Kusstar TV, Dat BeatGod explain how he got together with Mr. Bombastic in a studio he used to visit and there, they had the discussion on building an empire called EEIINATION which is a reality today.

According to him, his desire for music didn’t make him a hesitant to the conversation they had even though by then he was still at the university.


They further explained that EEIINATION is an empire and not a group because with the empire, they can help each other without seeking help from outsiders. In Ghana, before most musicians get to the top, their success comes from people who held them there and this sometimes, becomes a problem when there is a misunderstanding since they still have to adhere to those that helped them even if they no longer want to. That’s the more reason they as EEIINATION , decided to make it an empire hence, it is a team work.

While the interaction was ongoing, Mr. Bombastic told Cilla there are challenges they encounter in their field of work but every challenge also have a solution and so, they are pushing through.

However, Dat BeatGod also continued saying, for 10years he walked with Mr Bombastic, they have never argued. And though sometimes they mistakenly wrong each other, they settle those issues as soon as possible should any of them come to realization, then they move on, he noted.

Their genre of music is everything. Mr Bombastic said. He lamented they do everything music from “Afro to country music”. Also Dat BeatGod as well told Cilla , Mr Bombastic and himself have 1billion songs together like Maggie , Exousia and the others. Their current song is titled A.S.S meaning Africa Sex Song which they gave reason for it as Africa deserves to have a sex song, said by Mr Bombastic.
Now their new single which will soon hit everyone’s door is titled “German boggar” , don’t miss out on it.

EEIINATION is a musical empire which originated eleven (11) years ago by Mr. Bombastic and his friend Dat BeatGod.

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