Celly Chordz Releases Debut Album ‘Pieces In Peace’

Cover Art: Celly Chordz – Pieces in Peace

Celly Chordz Releases Debut Album ‘Pieces In Peace’

In an era of male dominated album releases, songstress Celly Chordz rises up to change the status quo with the release of her debut album ‘Pieces In Peace’.

Celly Chordz is a Ghanaian singer and songwriter with a special heart for music genres including Soul, RnB, Afro music, and Hiphop.


Pieces In Peace‘ boast of 11 fascinating songs; 9 official and 2 bonus tracks, capturing both life experiences and her personal reservations of the society we live in. On thing is clear, album exposed her to new musical dimensions and pushed her limits.

The album is an artistic work of striking song writing abilities and featured acts; Derrick Nana Asamoah, Asiwome, Adikora and Yung Pabi, with production credits to De Thompson Beatz (DDT), Joe Deevans, Rugged Soluble, IceGeezyand and Qube.

Listen to Pieces In Peace LP by Celly Chordz and grab a copy HERE

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