Kweku Flick; A New Sensation or Just Another Rookie

Kweku Flick

Over the internet, new talents emerge and disappear from time to time. This time around, our spot light spotted this amazing young fella called Andy Osei Sarfo with stage name “Kweku Flick”.

Late last year, a song began to make a buzz, titled “Awake”. This song became literally a theme song to Kumasi’s big ballers who made the impression that they are AWAKE all day and all night. Let us take a scope into the life of this young fella behind the song.

Kweku Flick is a teenager who happens to be the youngest trapper in the Garden City. A student of St. Hubert Senoir High School, Flick expensive; as his peers call him, is as academically sound as his music. A recording artist with Ghana’s vibrant A&R company BKC, Kweku Flick never seized to thrill his fans with his energetic performances over the Christmas.


Few hours ago, Flick was featured on a session on Flow Rhythmz and his video went from zero to a quick 100 and it is undoubtedly the next video to go viral after Bosom P-Yung’s session on there with his smashing breakthrough song “Attaadwoa”.

Our question and obviously the biggest question people are asking is that, is Kweku Flick going to survive the Ghanaian music industry after AWAKE? Are Ghanaians ready for him?

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Watch the video of AWAKE below:

Kwame Agyei (Cue)

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