MiYaki Musician MiYAKi has been rumoured to be a part of secret society ‘Freemason’ after severally seen in recordings and pictures making indications aligning to the secret society. MiYAKi who was introduced into the main stream music scene by legendary music group VVIP has couple of hit songs such as […]

MiYaki Artiste signed onto Vision Music Group, MiYAKi has revealed his preferences in terms of age when it comes to dating. According to the 18-year-old artiste, he loves girls younger than him. Unexpectedly however, the ‘Youngest In Charge’ as he is affectionately called added that he also has a thing for women […]

MiYAKi – Sexy Tranquilo Vision Music Group artiste MiYAKi drops his version of RonyTurnmeUp’s (World Wide Riddim) and calls his ‘Sexy Tranquilo”. The word ‘Tranquilo’ is a Spanish word meaning ‘Quiet’ which he used to describe the lady as been sexy and beautiful yet she’s quite. Sexy Tranquilo is a […]