Phrimpong takes “Efie Nnipa” on Live Acoustic

Phrimpong - Efie Nipa (Acoustic)
Phrimpong – Efie Nipa (Acoustic)

Barely a week after showing his singing prowess to the world, Ghanaian musician, Phrimpong takes his craft on another exploratory endeavour.

In a video spotted on his facebook timeline Phrimpong is seen delivering a splendid rendition of the recently released “Efie Nnipa” on live acoustic, bringing out the real sentiments in the song.

The video captured in a scene of sitting with the elderly and discussing life issues over palm wine is fast catching up with lots of positive reactions. Watch below:


Is the known rapper gradually switching from his genre or it is just a taste of his versatility. Watch official video for “Efie Nipa”

Kwame Agyei (Cue)

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