Lessons You Should Never Miss As First-time Uber, Bolt, or Yango driver

Uber, Bolt, or Yango driver
Uber, Bolt, or Yango driver

Ridesharing (app-taxi or e-taxi) is currently one of the stress free means of commuting or transporting goods, gradually taking over the regular Taxi and trotro where one sometimes need to join a long queues until turn. The likes of Uber, Bolt and Yango are few names that come up in the Ghanaian discourse.

In every venture there’s always someone trying to make a debut hence experience becomes a ‘guide book’ to avoid certain mistakes as a novice.

In today’s social media world of savages, there are still some kind hearted people ready to share it all for posterity.


Below is such worthy experience to educate, inspire and correct every debutant wanting to make it in the business as shared by Mmebusem Auto Cars.

I am sharing this with you as a former Bolt, Uber and Yango driver.

Try to always use your central lock to lock all four doors when you are driving in densely populated areas. And mount your phone where thieves will not reach or get access to it especially,  when in traffic be watchful and if possible keep the phone where nobody will see it. Keep your phone totally out of sight if you know where your rider is and do same as you send him/her to h/her destination. 

I have been ambushed with my phone snatched so be watchful. The modus operandi of these criminals is intelligently thought through so be mindful.

Be careful anytime you are driving in the following areas: James Town, Chorkor, Nima, Kasoa, lapaz, CMB, Rawlings Park, Katamato etc.

Be in anticipation that the trotro and taxi drivers will bully or hate you on the road. Because they claim our operations is affecting theirs. What they forget is that the transport business is an open market or it’s a business like any other businesses. 

If your fuel will afford you and your AC is working always keep your doors completely locked. But if not take precaution. 
For safety and security reasons always call your clients to ask them where they’re going.  Some will find it offensive you’re asking them that, but politely insist. It’s for your safety. 

Don’t skip red lights it will cause you dearly. The police will not spare you.

Your roadworthy and insurance plus all documents covering the car should be intact all the time.

Learn to let go if a rider, a pedestrian or a co-driver offends you.

If by chance you pick a client or clients and you sense danger terminate/cancel the trip.

To prolong the longevity of the car, avoid unmotoable areas- this may seem discriminatory to riders but hey brother “adidi daa na 3y3”. If you keep the car strong and neat your car owner will love you forever.

To cash in, avoid long trips that could waste your fuel since you may not get trips back to town. But if you choose to go to such places and you are not getting requests or orders, I would advise you go offline and do off trips. There will be the difficulty of passengers who would prove difficult to board because your car is not sprayed as a taxi but impress on them or convince them of your profession as a Uber driver and woo them to board.

Try to politely engage your riders. Some are frustrated and needs someone to talk to after hard days work or are stressed over issues they need advise on. If you can and you get the opportunity and have solutions share with them. Some will prove disrespectful know how to handle them. And don’t interrupt in conversations you’re not invited. Respect rider’s privacy.

If the car is not yours masa then be ready to work hard to save some money because masa the job no bi easy. The market is that bad sometimes. But don’t put too much pressure on the car and make sure it’s in good shape all the time. Unlike private car owners who could change their oil in two or three months, try and change your engine oil every month. And above all rest. You Could Take A Whole Day As Your Off Day And Rest The body.

Fridays,  Saturdays and Sundays are your cocoa seasons so note this.

On daily basis, your peak or rush hours starts at 5:30am to 9: 30am but it could change.

3pm to 7pm are peak hours as well.


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