Linguakat Addresses The Dying Ghanaian Music Industry; Blames The Media, Politicians And Others

Linguakat Addresses The Dying Ghanaian Music Industry; Blames The Media, Politicians And Others

Reggae/dancehall artiste Kwaku Obeng Amoako known in showbiz as Linguakat has taken steps to address the challenges causing the fall of the Ghanaian music industry.
In five steps of wisdom and observations, he mentioned the reasons to the dying Ghanaian music industry through a Facebook post.

He named the influence of politicians, the Ghanaian media, musician union, promoters among others as the main players of the fall.

Read the unedited post as copied from Facebook below.


The state of Ghana music; what is wrong
1.The politicians are the first reason why our industry is dying. They only know of the creative during elections and all the creative minds fall for their nonsense when they come with all the promises. To solve this issue the music industry and all creatives need an LI with clear prosecuting action.This will automatically solve the airplay and content on both radio and television.If this call is not done all musicians and creatives must come together to bar the politicians from using their music nor any of their creatives in the political campaigns.

2.The Ghanaian media is the cheapest in the world. Its so cheap any lowlife Nigerian musician can easily have access to our elite radio and television platforms whiles our own people struggle to get on. Turn the page around and ask yourself how many elite Nigerian radio stations can even the Ghanaian “A” listers get a 2 minutes interview but on the otherside we grant them over 15minutes of interview. So it’s about time the Ghanaian media makes it a point that you need a platinum selling album as a foreign or Nigerian act to get on our show or platform. This will automatically bring back the respect from the otherside because we all know the numbers and civil unrest in Nigeria alone is a factor without the support of Ghana’s media on a Naija artist will take them no where. We all know all the “A” list Nigeria acts made it through Ghana.

3.The musical union of Ghana needs a total shut-down and rebuild. Anyone who have ever occupied an executive or non portfolio should be set aside and barred from competing for any position in there because they are all cancerous and are bitter pulling themselves apart at the detriment of the bigger organisation.Musiga has only been good at in- fighting and backbiting themselves since its inception. Its time a new breath and wind of change with minds of innovation and resourcing to occupy that office. The first thing the new breed of musiga can do is to go on diplomatic missions movement of re-fostering confidence with all the embassies and having a blue print MOU that will ensure that they are the first support to the exportation of our music and creatives to the world. Ghamro shouldn’t be different either, same should apply to them too.

4.Ghanaian promoters all over the world should stop the egoistic one man show and come together. All the Ghanaian promoters should put themselves together and run a uniform season concert and shows with support for each other. Imagine all the Ghanaian promoters in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Germany, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, France and Turkey come together to do each your 4 Ghanaian artists in straight session. Can you imagine the impact of all the promoters promoting artists on a uniformed tour each year accross the globe? Its will be a total takeover. The one man show must stop and get together to climb together.

5.Ghanaian artists are the most pathetic, sorry and empty egoistic persons you can ever engage. They have bloated egos that has a worth as small as the balls of a mans genitalia. The most important thing about them is to claim king and queen without any kingdoms, claim gods whiles living in self contains and you ask yourself to what extend will their arrogance take them. Their values reach is from Nima to Ashaiman, from Sukura to Tema, from Kasoa to Madina but will speak like they are closing show in Madison square gardens or have sold out the Wembley. Pathetic is the one word to describe them and instead of using collaborative efforts, getting involve with promoters, having a bigger ear to listen to reason and making it a point to identify themselves in what they do and leave the rest to the world all they know is to use sensationalism to sell music. Every Ghanaian artist is looking for a stupid lead agenda always to launch his music and its tiring to proper music lovers. Finally the nonsense of that exorbitant call of amount to promoters is one of the reasons the Ghanaian artist will go no where. Local will always be the portion of Ghanaian artists if their attitudes don’t change towards themselves and that of promoters who will put them in the face of the world.
My thoughts and you can choose to disagree. To whom it may concern

You just finished reading the thoughts of Linguakat, do you agree?

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