Make music to stand test of time irrespective of trends – Electro Mirror advises

Electro Mirror
Electro Mirror

Founder and CEO of Flip the Music, Electro Mirror has advised young and upcoming musicians not to let Trends and Apps determine the kind of music they release.

Speaking at the first edition of Guide’s Radio Music 101, the man behind the success of award winning Afrobeat act Gyakie answering a question on whether upcoming artistes and already establish acts should pay attention to trends and apps when releasing new music said that “If you pay attention to trends, then you will be making music or product for trends” he said

“If you are making music for the consumers then you need to make music that will stand the test of time (longevity) irrespective of the trends at the moment” he added


Known in real life as Emmanuel Kojo Sedo, he is widely credited for turning Gyakie from an amateur singer in college to winning awards on global platforms including the most recent one, Clout Africa awards and the Vodafone Ghana Music awards.

Founded in December 2019, the Accra, Ghana-based record company is one of the African continent’s best-known indie labels and one of the key drivers of the global Afrobeats explosion.

Looking to the future, Mirror says that Flip the music plans to “power on and consolidate on their wins till the sound from Afrobeats is heard everywhere across the world, especially in the areas of Streaming and Live performance”

Our plan is to continuously scout musicians from the grassroots and make them into global superstars. This is how the industry would grow as a whole. We are definitely going to be seeing more of these expansions in the coming years. He added

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