Kweku Darlington, Amerado, Yaw Tog, and Kweku Flick unite in Afro Fusion Remix of “Happy Day”

Kweku Darlington
Kweku Darlington

Kweku Darlington, a rising star in the Hiplife music scene, has created a buzz in the music industry with the release of the much-anticipated remix of his hit single “Happy Day.” This remix boasts a remarkable collaboration with three of Ghana’s top talents – Yaw Tog, Kweku Flick, and Amerado. Produced by the prolific Khendi Beatz, the track adds a fresh twist to the Afro Fusion genre and is set to become the anthem of the year.

The “Happy Day (Remix)” is a captivating fusion of catchy melodies, clever lyrics, and irresistible beats. Kweku Darlington, Yaw Tog, Kweku Flick, and Amerado contribute their unique styles and lyrical skills to create a harmonious blend that will capture music enthusiasts worldwide. With Khendi Beatz’s exceptional production, the remix takes the original track to new heights, infusing it with even more energy and vibrancy.

This remix showcases the remarkable talent within the Ghanaian music industry, highlighting the collaborative spirit and creativity of these four artists. “Happy Day (Remix)” is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of life and unity, inviting everyone to partake in the festivities. As the Afro Fusion genre gains international recognition, these artists are at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of music and delivering unforgettable, genre-defying hits. The track is now available on major streaming platforms, accompanied by a visually spectacular music video directed by a renowned filmmaker, perfectly complementing the song’s energy and charisma.


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