Listen to Nana A.J’s new single ‘Cool Down’

Nana AJ - Cool Down
Nana AJ 8211 Cool Down

Rapper Nana A.J returns with his latest single ‘Cool Down’ this summer.

Since releasing ‘Round and Round’ back in January of this year, the Berlin-based Ghanaian rapper had been busy plotting and today – 5 months on, the cat is finally out of the bag. ‘Cool Down’ is that new drop from the Pedal Records star and though not the booming Summer ‘22 party monster many may have been expecting, it is nonetheless a welcomed cut in Nana A.J’s evolution.

‘Cool Down’ is a conscious attempt from Nana A.J to remind fans of how pretentious people can be: “No one be family, every bro just be fake so you for dey gee/Swear down. I tell you say you for cool down, cool down” and has him unfold bits of his personal experiences over the song’s soothing production, while leaning on light lyricism and storytelling to better establish his perspective on the matter.


“There’s more to people than meets the eye and that’s what ‘Cool Down’ is about. It’s a cautious reminder to not get too trusting of people or buy into their false show”, Nana A.J explained. “It has been on the books for a while now and the team felt this was the best time to get the message out, so I’m hoping the fans love it like I do”.

With 6 months still to go in 2022, ‘Cool Down’ is definitely not the last fans will hear from Nana A.J and his camp. Stay tuned!

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