Lucky Ekeh Teams Up with Chief One for ‘Time Go Come’

Lucky Ekeh, Chief One - Time Go Come
Lucky Ekeh, Chief One – Time Go Come

Ghanaian musician Lucky Ekeh has recently unveiled an exciting new amapiano single titled “Time Go Come,” featuring Chief One and produced by Hairlergbe.

This vibrant track injects the infectious energy of amapiano music into the Ghanaian music scene, offering a fresh and captivating sound for listeners to enjoy.

“Time Go Come” is not just a catchy tune but also carries a powerful message about financial prosperity and the belief that success will eventually come to those who work hard and remain patient. The song’s lyrics are infused with optimism and determination, reflecting the artists’ confidence in their abilities and their unwavering belief that their time for abundance will arrive.


With its upbeat rhythm, infectious melodies, and energetic vocals from Lucky Ekeh and Chief One, “Time Go Come” promises to be a standout hit in the amapiano genre. The collaboration between these talented artists showcases their musical synergy, resulting in a track that is both uplifting and danceable, making it a favorite among fans of amapiano and Afrobeat music.

As “Time Go Come” gains momentum on the airwaves and streaming platforms, it is poised to become a must-listen track for anyone looking to groove to the latest and hottest sounds from Ghana’s music scene. Stream song below:

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