Nana Debrah’s ‘Rebirth’ Sees Him Mature and Well Invested

Nana Debrah
Nana Debrah

This new song by Nana Debrah, titled “Rebirth,” is his way of reintroducing himself to the music industry after a lengthy absence.

The Dansoman-raised Ghanaian rapper is back, and he’s better than ever. Definitely not the same rapper we knew before.

This new song reveals a lot about his evolving character, and he doesn’t hold back in telling the truth. As Nana Debrah restates his mentality and standing in the rap game, the line “Let them know like a bomb I be prone to blast” enters the picture.


Since his raps and flows are unlike anyone else’s, it’s clear he’s a skilled musician with a unique voice. His use of metaphor and other wordplay is brilliant. He obviously has a talent for writing catchy rhymes.

Charles Debrah Danso’s lyrics have a way of drawing the listener into his stories, and his obvious love of rap can be heard in every bar.

His music has a profound effect on those who hear it. He can move people to tears with only a few well-chosen remarks.

Listen to the song and enjoy the video below. Also, follow him at @nanadebrahworld on all platforms.

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