Strongman features Broda Sammy for a Gospel single “Abuburo Kosua”

Stongman - Abuburo Kosua
Stongman – Abuburo Kosua

Ghanaian rapper Strongman takes a departure from his usual rap style, collaborating with gospel artist Broda Sammy for the highlife-infused single ‘Abuburo Kosua.’

Produced by Freddy Beatz, the track combines traditional highlife melodies with spiritually enriching lyrics, offering hope and inspiration to listeners.

Strongman’s collaboration with Broda Sammy adds depth to the song, showcasing unity and diversity in the gospel genre. Freddy Beatz’s musical expertise shines through, creating a harmonious composition.


‘Abuburo Kosua’ promises to touch hearts and uplift spirits, guiding listeners on a journey of spiritual reflection and renewal. The previous instance of a noteworthy collaboration between a secular rapper and a gospel artist on a track themed “Abuburo Kosua” was when Opanka teamed up with Gifty Osei.

Stream it for a transcendent musical experience.

Kwame Agyei (Cue)

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