Ghanaian Rapper Strongman Drops ‘God & Rap’ EP


Ghanaian rapper Strongman has dropped his latest EP, ‘God & Rap,’ and it’s a musical journey worth embarking on. With seven tracks showcasing his versatility, Strongman takes listeners through a dynamic fusion of genres, including drill, highlife, hip life, afrobeats, and even touches of country.

The EP kicks off with the emotionally charged “Scars,” where Strongman lays bare his soul, diving into personal reflections. From there, he takes us on a ride with tracks like the energetic “Ohiani Asem,” demonstrating his ability to seamlessly switch between different sounds and styles.

One of the highlights of ‘God & Rap’ is the collaborations with talented artists such as King Paluta, Kweku Darlington, Dope Nation, and Sevenkizs, each adding their own unique flavor to the project.


Behind the scenes, the EP boasts production from industry heavyweights like Jay Scratch, A Town TSB, Freddybeatz, BC, and TubhaniMuzik, ensuring that each track is polished to perfection.

With ‘God & Rap,’ Strongman further cements his place as one of Ghana’s most dynamic and captivating artists. Whether he’s delivering introspective lyricism or infectious hooks, Strongman proves why he’s unparalleled in the Ghanaian music scene.

Listen to ‘God & Rap’ EP by Strongman below:

Kwame Agyei (Cue)

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