General Elisha Owusu Akyaw makes shocking prophecies ahead of 2017

General Elisha Owusu Akyaw head pastor of Authoritative Kingdom Chapel at Abeka Lapaz, Ghana, during the crossover watch-night service on 31st December, 2016 made some shocking prophecies about Ghana, Africa and the world at large.
In a series of words from the God ordained priest, he stressed on the glories and woes that befall nations including Ghana, South Africa, Russia, America etc. He prophesied, Ghana emerging to take up her dominance on the African continent after 12 years and death of the famous, South Africa to experience bloodshed, an outbreak of disease in Africa and America among others.
Below are key prophecies that the world should be aware of and pray to avert the negatives.
– Ghana will experience a triangular death in four (4) sensitive areas. 3 Politicians, 3 journalists, 3 men of God and 3 kings all these are famous people.
– Great storm that will last for the first five(5) months
– Ghana will experience greatness and flourish in 2017 after a great storm that will last for the 5 months.   
– Ghana will start a journey of her destiny that is meant to dominate Africa after 12 years.
– More secret revelations will be exposed as the year will see more revelations.
– Ghana will not experience any major disaster but more deaths will occur through accident.  
– South Africa will be swimming in smoke and if care is not taken, it will lead to bloodshed. 
– Serious plane crash will occur both in the European and Asian continents in the month of February.  
– Russia will be used by the devil to disturb the world’s peace.
– Many African countries will do well in 2017 in terms of economy.
– There will be a political assassination and therefore Ghana must pray.
– 2017 will see more attacks from the Arab based organisations on Americans and England.
– America will lose a great man of God.
– Italy need prayers else they will experience disaster between March and April.
– America, France and England will decline in terms of economy.
– A strong outbreak of disease will hit Africa and South America.
– God will smile at Ghanaians all over the world as we have chosen the agent of change in 2017.
Watch video of General Elisha Owusu Akyaw delivering his prophecies


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