Meet ‘Joel The Mouth Painter’, Ghana’s only Quadriplegic Artist

Meet ‘Joel The Mouth Painter’, Ghana’s only Quadriplegic Artist

Joel Acheampong is a 39 years old male from the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

He resides in Winneba currently with the wife and 4 children. Two he tells me are his own Children and the other two, taking responsibility for NO parents at their end.

He is a Polio survivor who has no use of his hands and legs. He is not lazy. He is in a wheelchair and uses his mouth to do all his paintings.


He picks up the brush with his mouth, and the rest is what you see.

Available information indicates, Joel Acheampong became a Quadriplegic at age 7 through an accident. He is married with four kids and runs an NGO that supports other handicapped artists.

Joel tells me on phone, he wish for change in surrounding and help for betterment. He has the talent but no support at his end.

See photos of some of his works below, courtesy CraftAfricablog

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