Musical Legends Amakye Dede, Ofori Amponsah, KK Fosu Mesmerize Audience at READY TO PERFORM 2023

Amakye Dede at Ready To Perform 2023
Amakye Dede at Ready To Perform 2023

This year marked the inaugural READY TO PERFORM CONCERT, a collaborative effort by TSF, Media Excel, and Platinum Bay Hotel, aimed at paying homage to Ghana’s Music Legends and Pioneers. The chosen venue? The renowned Platinum Bay Hotel in Abokobi, Accra.

The event kicked off with a remarkable lineup, featuring the iconic Amakye Dede as the headline act.

TSF, well-regarded for its international standard concerts, executed the production flawlessly – a spectacle unlike anything witnessed before in Ghana. Major kudos. Patch Band set the tone for the night, entertaining the audience with a vibrant mix of contemporary and indigenous live music for a solid two hours, setting the stage for the main acts.


MC duties were skillfully handled by Doreen Avio from Hitzfm, who expertly controlled the crowd and built a great connection with the audience.

Stand-up comedian OB Amponsah had the audience in fits of laughter, delivering jokes that hit the mark perfectly. Kayblez, formerly known as Bless of Chochomoncho fame, alongside the Safua Band, brought their A-game, energizing the crowd.

Afriyie’s spirited performance was contagious, and Kk Fosu left the audience wanting more with his string of hit songs. Ofori Amponsah’s contribution was nothing short of spectacular, with a standout moment when Kofi Nti and later KK Fosu joined him on stage. They graciously fulfilled the audience’s requests for specific songs.

The Legendary Amakye Dede, graced the stage for an impressive nearly 3-hour performance, keeping the audience on their feet, and the demand for more was undeniable.

Undoubtedly, “READY TO PERFORM 2023” etches its name in history as one of the grandest musical concerts in Ghana and Africa. A night that will be remembered for its exceptional performances and unforgettable moments. Take pleasure in the images capturing these moments below.

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