Kudjoe Daze shares new single ‘Bibiara Beye Fine’

Kudjoe Daze - Bibiara Beye Fine
Kudjoe Daze – Bibiara Beye Fine

The much-anticipated song “Bibiara Beye Fine” is now here, and it was released by Kudjoe Daze, who also refers to himself as the “Number 9 Boy.”

The song was written with a certain purpose in mind, and that purpose is to instill in you a strong sense of motivation while also elevating your spirit. The singer and songwriter says that the overall concept of the song was inspired by the various difficulties that he had to overcome.

After receiving positive feedback from listeners some months ago when he performed the song live on CITI TV, he concluded that it was time to release the song in its entirety as a recording.


Not only that, but he was also required to back it up with a music video that did an excellent job of depicting the concept of the song. Prymo Pryme is responsible for both the filming and the direction of the video.

As is customary for him, his longtime producer, Eze Young, took the lead in the production of this song, and the results were fantastic.

This is the first single that will be released from his first album, “Love Or Nothing,” which is scheduled to come out in February. He is now working toward the release of his debut album.

Watch it here

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