Phrimpong’s Possible Project Reaches New Heights with Episode 2

Phrimpong's Possible Project: Episode 2
Phrimpong’s Possible Project: Episode 2

After successfully setting off with the first episode almost a year ago, Phrimpong has delivered yet another inspiring chapter of The Possible Project. This second episode took place at New Amakom M/A School in Kumasi, during the school’s 70th-anniversary celebration. The event was a testament to Phrimpong’s dedication to encouraging young minds to pursue their academic and creative talents simultaneously.

The highlight of the event was Phrimpong’s inspirational lecture, delivered at the center of the event ground. Surrounded by a large number of attentive students, Phrimpong’s words resonated deeply. The students listened intently, many taking notes as he shared his insights and experiences. His message was clear: it is possible to excel in both academics and the arts, and no creative individual should be left out in this endeavor.

The purpose of The Possible Project is to unearth inner talent while pursuing academic excellence, and this goal was evidently achieved during the event. Phrimpong’s lecture was not just motivational; it was a call to action for students to embrace their dual potentials. The event also included a branded book donation, which symbolized the lasting impact of the project and reinforced its educational mission.


The Possible Project is gradually gaining traction, with numerous calls coming in from various secondary institutions eager to have Phrimpong present to inspire and impact their students. The growing popularity of the project underscores the importance of its mission and the positive influence it has on young minds.

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