Amerado and Strongman converge Talents in ‘Young And Strong’ EP

Amerado and Strongman – ‘Young And Strong’ EP

Ghana’s hip-hop domain is set ablaze with the dynamic collaboration of rap icons Amerado and Strongman, unleashing their highly anticipated EP “Young And Strong.” This joint effort showcases their exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch artistry to their devoted fans.

The EP stands as a testament to the seamless synchronization between Amerado and Strongman, where their distinctive styles and lyrical brilliance meld harmoniously, producing a sonic masterpiece.

Enhancing the EP’s brilliance are renowned producers like Atown TSB, IzJoe Beatz, and Tubhani Muzik, who have contributed to a collection of tracks brimming with captivating beats that impeccably complement the artists’ individual flows.


The EP comprises tracks such as “Rap Is Still Alive,” “Life,” “Yonah,” “Wobesu,” and “Mea Me Sika,” each delving into a diverse array of themes, weaving thought-provoking verses with infectious rhythms. Amerado and Strongman infuse their personal reflections and impactful social commentary, leaving an indelible mark on their listeners.

The duo shared their enthusiasm, conveying that the creation of “Young And Strong” was a journey of growth and creativity, a platform for showcasing their best. Now available on all major streaming platforms, the EP cements Amerado and Strongman’s prominence in both Ghana’s and the global hip-hop landscape.

“Young And Strong” is available on major streaming platforms, ensuring global accessibility.

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