Real MC unleashes ‘Drinks and Sticks’: Your Summer Anthem has Arrived!

Real MC Unleashes ‘Drinks and Sticks
Real MC – Drinks and Sticks

The music scene is sizzling this summer with the official release of ‘Drinks and Sticks,’ the much-anticipated single from UK-based Ghanaian artist, Real MC. Known for his magnetic appeal in the rap arena, Real MC once again demonstrates his musical mastery with an infectious track destined to capture hearts globally.

With prior hits like ‘We Jamming’ and ‘Girl from Cape coast,’ Real MC solidifies his status as a music virtuoso, perfectly attuned to his devoted fan base. The new single ‘Drinks and Sticks’ promises to become the anthem of the season, an affirmation of his ability to understand and cater to his listeners’ tastes.

Complementing the song’s vibrant energy, the music video for ‘Drinks and Sticks’ is a visual marvel, bursting with an array of colors that capture the essence of the track. Viewers can delight in the video on Real MC’s official YouTube channel.


Real MC’s signature style and captivating performances have earned him recognition on both the UK and Ghana music scenes. His fusion of cultural influences has engendered a diverse and loyal following.

For a dose of the ‘Drinks and Sticks’ magic, head to YouTube for the official music video and stream the song on major platforms.

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