New Music: Daddy Lumba – “Gyama Abo Woso”

Daddy Lumba
Daddy Lumba

Once again, Daddy Lumba, Ghana’s revered music icon, has captivated music lovers with his latest release, “Gyama Abo Woso”.

Known for his talent in blending catchy tunes with meaningful lyrics, Daddy Lumba’s new single serves as a heartfelt anthem for Ghanaians navigating the ups and downs of love and reconciliation. With its emotional melody and sincere vocals, the song resonates deeply with listeners, portraying feelings of longing and introspection.

Fans and critics alike have praised Daddy Lumba for consistently producing music that connects with the Ghanaian spirit, and “Gyama Abo Woso” is no exception. Highly anticipated, the song has already gained traction on digital platforms, solidifying Daddy Lumba’s position as a beloved figure in Ghanaian music.


Despite changing musical trends, Daddy Lumba’s enduring impact and timeless appeal continue to shine, reaffirming his status as one of Ghana’s most cherished musicians. “Gyama Abo Woso” is proof of Daddy Lumba’s lasting impact on Ghana’s music scene. It appeals to both old fans and new listeners, showcasing his significant contributions over the years.

Listen to song below:

Kwame Agyei (Cue)

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