DJ Lord OTB celebrates Ghana-South African ties with Amapiano Mix


In a move strengthening diplomatic ties, South Africa and Ghana recently implemented a groundbreaking agreement, allowing Ghanaians visa-free access to South Africa for 90 days each year, starting November 1, 2023. This development not only facilitates travel for ordinary passport holders but also fosters cultural exchange and business opportunities between the two nations. Amapiano, the booming music genre originating from South Africa, adds another layer to this connection.

Celebrating this cultural bridge is the renowned Ghanaian DJ Lord OTB, who channels his passion for Amapiano in the fourth edition of his acclaimed mixtape series, ‘Piano & Chills.’ Against the backdrop of the South Africa-Ghana visa-free arrangement, DJ Lord OTB skillfully curates a mesmerizing collection, seamlessly blending some of the finest Amapiano tracks from South Africa.

Through this expertly crafted mix, he not only pays homage to the genre’s roots but also contributes to the growing influence of Amapiano across the African music scene.


Listen to ‘Piano & Chills EP. 04’:

Kwame Agyei (Cue)

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