New Music: King Paluta drops another street anthem ‘Sika Aba Fie’

King Paluta - Sika Aba Fie
King Paluta – Sika Aba Fie

In the realm of Ghana’s music scene, King Paluta stands out as a dynamic lyricist, showcasing his versatility and skill. His latest track, ‘Sika Aba Fie,’ goes beyond mere musical prowess, delving into the universal theme of financial prosperity.

This song not only captivates with its catchy melody but also prompts contemplation on the path to financial independence. Produced by Joe Kole Beatz, ‘Sika Aba Fie’ features King Paluta’s emphatic repetition of the title, emphasizing the song’s core message.

His articulate delivery ensures broad comprehension among listeners. The track applauds resilience in the pursuit of financial goals, urging a focus on objectives and dismissing negativity.


King Paluta’s commitment to using music as a positive force is evident in ‘Sika Aba Fie,’ where memorable hooks and impactful delivery make it a testament to his artistry.

Stream it here: Sika Aba Fie

Kwame Agyei (Cue)

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