Yahitte Remix: King Paluta, Strongman, Amerado and Qwame Stika connect on New Street Anthem

King Paluta - Yahitte Remix
King Paluta – Yahitte Remix

It’s hot! Strongman, Amerado, and Qwame Stika are featured in King Paluta‘s remix of “Yahitte,” which slaps even better.

Three months after going official with the original track, the awaited remix as teased is here with us for good. The drill song “Yahitte” which translates to “We Made It” puts the sceptic to shame for foretelling doom on valiant battles.

One of the remixes that keeps the theme in mind while having an entirely new verse filled with puns, metaphors and witty lyrics focus on entertaining the listening public.


It’s a rap game, and trust me the speakers vibrated to King Paluta, Strongman, Amerado, and Qwame Stika entry, flanked by Andydosty’s succinct introductions.

Song was produced by King Paluta, mixed and mastered by Khendi Beatz.

King Paluta – Yahitte Remix feat. Strongman, Amerado, Qwame Stika

King Paluta – Yahitte (Remix)

Kwame Agyei (Cue)

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