Emelia Baidoo’s newest video “Mehwefo” is a lovely classic

Emelia Baidoo
Emelia Baidoo

It’s been barely 2 weeks since the release of Emelia Baidoo’s new video for 2023, ‘Mehwefo’ translated ‘My Shepherd’ and pundits are already pitching it to be an award-winnig and a breakthrough song.

The audio itself is a well mixed and mastered piece by DDT of De Thompson Production. it features crystal clear sounds of the lead guitar, solid bass lines with a catchy horns (Brass) work.

The lyrical composition is a true revelation of the song title. All it seeks is to project the fact that The Lord Is Our Shepherd and We Shall Not Want (Psalm 23). It’s well structured with relatable verses and a simple sing-along chorus.


It’s a high-budget in-studio visual with crisp and clear shots, spot on costumery and solid scenes. Simple yet classy.

Emelia Baidoo has made a bold entry into the Ghanaian gospel industry with this new audiovisual and a solid statement both in her lyric and quality of the entire project.

Kwame Agyei (Cue)

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