Shatta Michy becomes Michy Gh: Preaches “Hustle” in latest single

Michy Gh (Shatta Michy) - Hustle 
Michy Gh (Shatta Michy) – Hustle

After overcoming the trauma of a breakup, Ghanaian popular brand influencer and entrepreneur Diamond Michelle Gbagonah, widely known as Shatta Michy, has made a triumphant return to the music scene in 2023 with her first single titled “Hustle.”

Along with her musical comeback, Michy has rebranded herself with a new stage name, “Michy Gh,” marking a fresh start and distancing herself from the past.

In her latest single, Michy Gh passionately advocates for hard work and self-reliance. The song’s message revolves around hustling and making one’s own money to avoid depending on others. This empowering theme reflects Michy Gh’s newfound independence and determination to stand on her own.


Gone is the old Shatta Michy, and now “Michy Gh” is the name to watch out for

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