Hiplife Reigns Supreme: Kweku Darlington credits genre for Ghana’s success

Kweku Darlington
Kweku Darlington

In the midst of ongoing discussions about the global rise of various music genres and their impact on the market, Ghanaian musician Kweku Darlington, also known as Emmanuel Kweku Owusu Darlington, has contributed to the conversation joining musicians, industry gatekeepers, music enthusiasts, and stakeholders alike. Taking to Facebook, the ‘Sika Aba Fie’ hitmaker boldly expressed that the key to Ghana’s success in the music market lies in hiplife.

“We’ve been seeking for answers to Ghana’s success in the market!!! ‼️HIPLIFE IS THE SOUND 💿”

This statement comes after the GRAMMY’s recent categorization of African music genres into a broader category named the Best African Music Performance, which did not include hiplife but introduced ‘Ghanaian drill.’ However, Kweku Darlington firmly believes that hiplife has been the driving force behind Ghanaian music’s dominance and achievements.


Examining his own music catalogue, it becomes evident that he has consistently embraced and celebrated the authentic Ghanaian hiplife sound, which he considers the catalyst for his success in the industry.

Kweku Darlington’s dedication to promoting hiplife is reflected in songs like “Onipa” featuring Okyeame Kwame, the “Sika Aba Fie” Remix, and “Aketesia,” among others.

His latest single, “Happy Day,” further exemplifies his commitment to this genre. Enjoy the new song below:

Kwame Agyei (Cue)

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