Strongman teams up with King Paluta for an Infectious Drill Single – ‘Chilling’

Strongman, King Paluta - Chilling
Strongman, King Paluta – Chilling

Ghanaian artist Strongman collaborates with the versatile King Paluta on the release of “Chilling,” a highlife drill fusion. This track not only showcases Strongman’s exceptional rap skills but also introduces King Paluta’s refreshing vocals, who doubles as the producer.

“Chilling” seamlessly blends highlife’s vibrant energy with drill’s gritty edge, creating a unique auditory experience. Strongman’s compelling rap lines and King Paluta’s catchy choruses form a dynamic synergy, setting the track apart in the Ghanaian music scene.

What makes “Chilling” stand out is King Paluta’s dual role as a vocalist and producer, highlighting the artistic depth of both artists. Beyond its infectious beats, the track carries a message of finding success despite being underrated, emphasizing resilience and triumph over challenges.


“Chilling” represents a collaboration between two Ghanaian talents and an exploration of musical genres. The fusion of highlife and drill elements showcases the artists’ willingness to experiment and push musical boundaries.

Released to eager fans, “Chilling” is expected to resonate with diverse audiences, drawing in fans of rap, highlife, and drill music.

Watch video to “Chilling” below:

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