Kwame Mickey, Team Eternity Ghana resolve “Defe Defe” Song License Dispute Amicably

Kwame Mickey, Team Eternity Ghana

In an exciting turn of events for the Ghanaian music industry, the much-publicized copyright dispute involving Team Eternity Ghana (TEG) and Kwame Mickey has been amicably resolved. The controversy, which sparked widespread debate, centered around TEG’s recent release that featured portions of the song “Defe Defe” by Hallelujah Voices, a track originally produced by Kwame Mickey over a decade ago.

The issue began when Kwame Mickey, the executive producer of the original “Defe Defe,” challenged TEG for using elements of the song without seeking prior approval. This challenge quickly became the talk of the town, with musicians, producers, and fans weighing in on the implications of copyright in the music industry.

After several discussions and negotiations, both parties have come to a mutual agreement. According to a press statement released by OFM Computer World, Kwame Mickey and TEG have entered into a License Agreement. This agreement grants Team Eternity Ghana the non-exclusive right to use the disputed portions of “Defe Defe” in their new song, which shares the same title.

The official statement reads:

“Kwame Mickey and Team Eternity Ghana (‘TEG’) hereby announce to the gospel music industry and to the general public that the issue that arose concerning TEG’s use of a portion of the Existing Song titled ‘Defe Defe’ in their New Song also titled ‘Defe Defe’ has been amicably resolved.

The parties have duly entered into a Licence Agreement under which Kwame Mickey grants to TEG the non-exclusive right to use in the New Song, those words derived from the Existing Song.

The parties thank all those who helped them reach this amicable resolution.”

This agreement marks a significant moment for the Ghanaian music scene, highlighting the importance of collaboration and mutual respect in resolving disputes. The resolution has been celebrated by many in the industry, emphasizing the value of intellectual property and the benefits of working together to create harmony both in music and in business.

As the industry moves forward, this case serves as a reminder of the complexities of copyright issues and the importance of securing appropriate licenses. It also demonstrates that even in challenging times, amicable solutions are possible, paving the way for continued creativity and innovation in music.

Kwame Mickey and TEG’s resolution sets a positive precedent, encouraging other artists to address their differences constructively and collaboratively, ensuring that the Ghanaian music industry continues to thrive and evolve.


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