Meet Kojo Trilla; The Sound Of The New Age

Kojo Trilla
Kojo Trilla

Among a vital crop of young voices stirring up Ghana’s music, the artist is steadily establishing himself as a reliable hit architect, speaking to the masses using music as his tool.

Kojo Trilla was born Gilbert Kojo Asamoah in Kumasi and began pursuing music from a young age. Before taking on music full time, he’s lived most of his life around music and also managing to overcome a few challenges on his career path.

Those days are behind him now as he settles into the life of a musician which has tend to be a household name. He is behind the smash hit single “WOW”, with derived inspiration from most of the songs he got exposed to during his childhood. He has bring forth the sound of the new age. Well known for his collaborations with a few artistes has made him the peoples favorite by default.


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With a few years’ experience and lessons learnt from the industry he has been able to blend the sounds of time and the unique elements of the Afro-beats and our indigenous Highlife sound. With vibrations of joy, celebration and also announcing my stay in the industry. “Music they say is a universal language and this is the time I deem right to carry the message across. From writing to the production of this song (WOW), I spent most of my hours researching into what really goes on in the streets and the moden day youth will say. I appreciate anyone that contributed immensely to bring this project to light.” He added.

For industry watchers, Kojo Trilla’s versatile craftsmanship and diaristic lyricism, demonstrated over myriad of genres including hip hop, Afropop, highlife, R&B and hiplife, distinguish him as one for the long haul and not merely a flash in the pan.

We bring you the first smash hit single of Kojo Trilla, ideal both as a reminder to existing fans of his creative genius and a starter pack for those not yet familiar with his music.

Watch The Official Music Video For KOJO TRILLA “WOW”

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