Get to know Perry Ices, The Hottest Talking Point in Highlife Music

Perry Ices
Perry Ices

In the middle of more popular and financially successful genres, it is exceedingly challenging to locate young, active musicians pursuing a “old” style of music.

Perry Ices has made it his mission to promote Highlife music because he thinks it will help Ghana get international recognition rather than lagging behind other genres like afrobeat and reggae dancehall.

During its time as a colony of the British Empire and thanks to its trade routes in coastal areas, modern-day Ghana is where the highlife music genre first emerged. It depicts various local fusions of western jazz melodies with African meter.


Perry Ices
Perry Ices


Perry Smith, formerly Perry Ices Young Ghanaian artist Yaw Donkor comes from the Central Region and performs Afro-Pop and highlife music. He was conceived on June 11, 1994. He used to sing whenever he had the chance as a young child, and music has always been his passion. Messiah Preparatory School served as his primary school, while Taifa Community School served as his junior high school. He continued his education by going to Akyem Sekyere SDA SNR HIGH, where he successfully finished his basic education in the year 2014.

Perry Ices was inspired to start singing and performing in front of others by his love of music. His poetry was influenced by the inspirational music he heard prepared to share his voice and lyrics with the world.

Perry Ices’ distinctive musical approach is the result of his desire to sing and write lyrics when everything around him is happening. His music is particularly lyrical thanks to his soulful side, which he gained from constantly singing. Afro-beats, Afro-pop, and highlife are three different musical styles that Perry Ices wants to center his career around. Perry Ices, who draws a lot of inspiration from iconic musicians like Michael Jackson and Bisa k Die, aspires to achieve greater heights in the music industry like his forebears.

Perry Ices is currently an independent artiste and has already release “Genie” as his first official single of the year and is preparing to establish the tone for a successful musical career.

Listen to “Genie” below:

Kwame Agyei (Cue)

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