Ghanaian Visual Storyteller and Walking Artist Sylvester Aguzey featured on Forbes

Sylvester Aguzey
Sylvester Aguzey

Sylvester Aguzey, a Ghanaian visual storyteller, walking artist, and epigrammatist

has recently been featured on Forbes after creating a good impression for himself at the 2022 Afrochella (Afrofuture) Festival.

Afrochella (Afrofuture) is one of Ghana’s largest music and art festivals, and it is one of several cultural events held in Ghana during the month of December.

Sylvester Aguzey has been a part of Afrochella’s fashion and art installations since its inception. Aguzey has stunned patrons of the events with his art installations every year and in 2022, he got featured on Forbes.


Aguzey together with his team KvngsOfTheNewSchool got one of their photos from Afrochella featured on the cover image of a Forbes article that talks about Afrochella which is now AfroFuture being the new king of music festivals and how it outshining Coachella in creativity and impact –  AfroFuture Is The New King Of Music Festivals: Here’s How It’s Outshining Coachella In Creativity And Impact.

For many years, Forbes has featured the majority of the world’s most prominent people who are making a positive impact in the space in which they find themselves.

To have a photo of your work featured on Forbes is a big deal. Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.

Sharing the good news to his social media followers, the visual storyteller wrote;

“I remember telling Kvng Glenn Samm of making a move to get me featured on Forbes then this happens. Words are powerful. Remember to speak positively into your life. Good morning family.”

We asked him what inspires some of his work and he said, “Nothing really, I just try my best to be creative in an african way and bring out something that will stick in the minds of people for a long time”

Aguzey has also been nominated in this year’s Ghana Showbiz and Influencers awards for Discovery of the year.

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