Amerado and Strongman Unite to Deliver “Rap Is Still Alive” – A Rap Showcase

Amerado, Strongman - Rap is Still Alive
Amerado, Strongman – Rap is Still Alive

Ghanaian rap heavyweights, Amerado and Strongman, join forces in an exceptional collaboration that celebrates the enduring power of rap. Titled “Rap Is Still Alive” and produced by Atown TSB, this track aims to reaffirm rap’s significance in the ever-changing music industry. Amerado and Strongman showcase their lyrical prowess and seamless chemistry as they deliver verses filled with clever wordplay, thought-provoking metaphors, and engaging storytelling. The production by Atown TSB provides the perfect backdrop for their hard-hitting lyrics, resulting in a captivating sonic experience that will resonate with rap enthusiasts worldwide.

Amerado and Strongman have individually built strong reputations as skilled wordsmiths and have amassed loyal followings. Through their collaboration on “Rap Is Still Alive,” they aim to inspire and revitalize the rap community while showcasing their distinct styles. Amerado’s freestyling ability and insightful lyricism, combined with Strongman’s impeccable delivery and powerful storytelling, make them a formidable duo on this track.

The inclusion of Atown TSB, a renowned producer known for his captivating beats, further enhances the collaboration. His masterful production elevates the overall sonic experience of “Rap Is Still Alive,” creating a powerful synergy with Amerado and Strongman’s performances.


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