Sonnie Badu makes a strong comeback with the exceptional music video ‘Enojare’

Sonnie Badu - Enojare
Sonnie Badu – Enojare

Renowned gospel artiste, Dr. Sonnie Badu, makes a remarkable comeback with his latest single, “Enojare.” The song, which translates to “God has brought an end to your suffering,” encourages listeners to join in praising God for His intervention, bringing an end to their hardships and ushering in a season of celebration.

With his iconic anthem “Wonder God” as his foundation, Sonnie Badu presents an exceptional hit in “Enojare.” The track stands out with its unique sonic texture, as Dr. Badu’s distinct vocals soar above the rich instrumentation, creating an immersive musical experience that leaves a lasting impact.

The accompanying music video, directed and filmed by the acclaimed Uvi Orogun, showcases Sonnie Badu’s dedication to producing high-quality visuals with creative concepts. Throughout the years, his songs like “Baba,” “Wonder God,” “Pillar of Fire,” and “I Hail You” have consistently featured top-notch music videos, reflecting his preference for excellence.


“Enojare” encompasses a five-star package, featuring impeccable color grading, a captivating storyline, beautiful costumes, excellent choice of locations, and outstanding video direction. Dr. Sonnie Badu also showcases his love for African culture, emphasizing his commitment to preserving African rhythms and interests.

In essence, “Enojare” beautifully narrates the story of God’s sufficiency and His ability to provide for His people.

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