Of Ghetto Gospels, Jaafa’s Heaven Hits Online This 25th


Not only certified gospel music heads have a God-side or the kingdom exclusivity to push out scriptural pieces, there are special times when some pro-gospel gangster artistes shift out of their secular jam craze to throw a worship or praise single to profess their affiliation to God. Jaafa’s newly “Heaven” adds to the rare few select of those street gospel collections made in the ghetto for the open temple lot.

“We all long for Heaven, that’s every soul’s dream home”. Probably, that’s what the conscious Jaafa would have stated as his prime reason for penning “Heaven” and it goes as a defence for his running love for God.

Well, it seems like religion and street life have a grudge gap and Jaafa is bridging in the peace…..as the brother makes it clear that God is an ongoing universal force across faith orientations, so neither side owns a monopoly over the mutual Divine. The ghetto lives on the scriptures, too.


Jaafa is not alone on “Heaven”, Ohene TK is heard loud guesting on the track with extra godly vibes to second up Jaafa’s first.

Ohene TK, as a former best rapper title holder in the Kumerican rap battle archives, wouldn’t grace “Heaven” with a weak contribution. He poured his heart out with some grand lines that glorify the song’s relevance.

“Heaven”, according to Jaafa’s team, will be released on 25th February.

Kwame Agyei (Cue)

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